Moving to the center of God's Kingdom.

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Sunday Mornings, 10:00 AM

Jason Berry being baptized

Flatland. We make the pathway to knowing God as smooth and easy as possible. We’re all on this journey together. If you want a safe and inspiring place to move to the center of God’s kingdom, there’s something here for you. Discover the good news of Jesus and experience the power of His Spirit.

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Authenticity | Enthusiasm | Love | Collaboration | Transformation

There's something here for you.

Experience transformation.

One of the things we say at Flatland all the time is "we love you right where you are, but we love you too much to leave you there." We're committed to seeing God transform your life as you move closer to the center of his Kingdom, and we have a number of key ways to help you do just that.

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Prayer is at the core of everything we are at Flatland. The Apostle Paul encouraged his friends to never stop praying. We want to pray for you in your time of need.

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At Flatland Church we value collaboration as we work together to help people move to the center. Find a place where you can serve at Flatland.

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Accredited Education, Accelerated Experience

Omaha School of Ministry is a ministry training program from Flatland Church.

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