666 - The Voice of the Lord

Revealation 1-3

Psalm 29 proclaims the voice of God is powerful and mighty. It thunders with lightning and overwhelms the mighty oak. If God’s voice alone is so almighty I tremble at the thought of being near Him and seeing Him. No wonder we read so often how people fall as if dead by being in God’s presence.

For those of us who believe, well, it is a different story. Yes we need to be in awe of God and have the proper holy fear of Him but we see God holding out His hand and lifting them up who fall as if dead at His feet saying, “Do not be afraid.”

There is a story about Elijah that has fascinated many. God tells Elijah to go to a place to be in His presence. When Elijah gets there he is confronted by earth, wind and fire. Mighty signs that one would expect to be God but God was not in the wind, the earth, or the fire. God was in a quiet voice that spoke to Elijah.

The mighty acts of God’s voice are there to remind us of who God really is. There is lightning in His voice. But it is in the quiet voice that He speaks to us. We just have to get over all the thundering and listen to what he has to say. We need to take His hand, allow Him to lift us up, listen closely to Him, and do as He says.


Take time to stop, get into a quiet place, and listen to God’s voice. What is He saying to you? How will you respond?

The voice of the Lord is over the waters,
     the God of glory thunders,
_       the Lord thunders over the mighty waters._
_The voice of the Lord is powerful;_
_      the voice of the Lord is majestic._
_The Lord gives strength to his people;_
_       the Lord blesses his people with peace._ -Psalms 29:3-4, 11 NIV