666: At the Throne - Intensify

Revelation 4

I sort of got distracted at the start of Sunday’s message by the challenge Pastor Bart presented to us. How can I intensify my adoration and worship of God? I sat there forgetting to listen what he said next and forgot my duties as an online host. How can I intensify? It isn’t a question of figuring out how but which of the many options I should start with. What did God want me to do to get closer to Him?

One of the ways I thought of was to increase my prayer time. Maybe more importantly, make my prayer time better focused on our Father, who He is and how awesomely wonderful He is. One way to focus on the Father is to pray and worship using the Psalms and some of the worship songs we find in Revelation. As we focus on God and how marvelous He is, His power and majesty will shine through. We will realize what Jesus told us is true; worry is silly. The Father cares so much for us He takes care of us as we seek Him first.

One of the other ways I thought of was to saturate myself more with worship music. I am a podcast addict. I can listen to hours of podcasts. But, I could take those hours of listening to what is the “best” car, the “best” tech or the “best” way to smoke a brisket and turn it into hours of worship through music. Instead of arguing with a podcast I could be ascribing the glory and honor that is due God.

What I will will do I will keep to myself. The challenge is for you to answer for yourself and to do as God would ask of you.


We were challenged to intensify ones adoration and worship God. Think of three ways you might do it and pick one to do this week.

Holy, holy, holy
is the Lord God Almighty,
who was, and is, and is to come. - Revelation 4:8