All Grown Up: Following Our Leaders - The Offices

The five-fold gifts Jesus gives us are best interpreted as those who hold the office. Apostle means one sent, and while we are all “sent” to proclaim the Gospel, scripture indicates the “office” was comprised of “the twelve” (Matthew 10:2). These were personally appointed by Jesus. Of course, Paul was also appointed by Jesus, in person. (Acts 9:5-6). Likewise, any of us may obediently speak a word of prophecy given to us from God in a moment. But these moments are not meant to be interpreted by us as receiving a life-defining commission to that office.

Three of these gifts remain with us on a daily basis. Pastors, Teachers and evangelists and I’m listing a very basic description of these three, but one must keep in mind that, in ministry, one may be anointed to operate within and/or hold more than one office.

The Evangelist

The office of the evangelist has the ability to preach about Jesus Christ with the power of God in demonstration. This office is gifted at getting people delivered, saved, and healed. A true evangelist will be anointed in a special way, with the power of God and gifts of the Holy Spirit, to set the captive free.

The Pastor

The office of the pastor is anointed to be the shepherd of God’s sheep in a local church body. They nurture, protect, and instruct Christians in the way they should believe, act and live their lives. I am convinced the pastor ought to be equipped with the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, and tongues and interpretation.

The Teacher

The office of the teacher has a divine ability to cause Christians to understand exactly what the Bible is saying about a certain subject or doctrine. They make the Word of God so plain that even the simple minded can comprehend it. Gifts of the Spirit operate through them also.