Family Network: Healing - Forgive

Matthew 6:14-15

We constantly need God’s healing power. That goes without saying. I’ve been wounded, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been abused by someone I thought I could trust and I’m a mess because of it. I really need to be healed. The question is: “Do I want to be healed?”. Before you answer too quickly, answer this question: “Do I want to forgive?”. Because apart from forgiveness, there can be no healing. Scripture is crystal clear on this.

Think of it this way, disease is a compound word, meaning lack of ease. And when we can’t forgive anyone of everything, we’re the ones who are dis-eased. We keep them prisoner, at least in our mind, in a cell of unforgiveness. And, as the guard of this cell, we seldom take a much-needed break. And never, under any circumstances, would we take a day off; a day of rest and restoration.

But consider our state prison system. When a guard is relieved by another guard, the first guard is free to stand at ease; to rest and receive restoration from a tough day. He or she can leave the prison and enjoy the American pursuit of happiness. Of course, this cycle continues until the glorious day of retirement when they leave the prison forever. Assured in the capability of their replacements, they will never again have the burden of holding a captive in captivity.

This is the good news that God, our loving Father, has for us today. If we allow Him to be the perfect relief – the perfect guard over all who have done wrong – we can retire from the burden of holding captives in captivity today. In fact, right this minute. We can be relieved to relax in comfort, assured that God’s justice, unlike inferior human justice, is perfect. We can permanently exit the prison system, having been set free to be at ease and enjoy life. And our retirement is totally funded by Jesus - we pay nothing.

Please believe that God isn’t ignorant. Nobody and nothing gets past Him. So don’t think He want us to forgive because our forgiveness sets the other person free. Our Father dearly loves us and wants us to forgive because our forgiveness sets us free. So now, when that person’s name comes up, we no longer experience ill feelings. The life-burdening symptoms of unforgiveness are gone. Because we’re no longer a carrier of that disease.


But He was hurt for our wrong-doing. He was crushed for our sins. He was punished so we would have peace. He was beaten so we would be healed. Isaiah 53:5 NLV