Good News: Blood = Life

John 6

We all enjoy times when God blesses us in the physical realm. We can see God do wonderful things for us when we pray over an upcoming job interview and the results are just as prayed for, or better. When family members reunite after being estranged for years, we see God answering our prayers. And when we’re delivered from problems or receive healing, it’s easy to see God in these things. But can we trust that He’s blessing us through difficult and confusing times, when God doesn’t seem to be manifesting Himself to us physically or reasonably? If not, our spirits can be crushed.

Physics and the physical sciences have unquestionable benefit for us, medical procedures perhaps being the most obvious. But limiting our faith to what can be shown and proven scientifically, leaves little faith in the things unseen. In this case, our spiritual life with God deteriorates, perhaps to the point of abandonment. Even followers of Christ experienced this abandonment. Limiting themselves to natural understanding, they were ill-equipped to discern spiritual matters. Consequently, they forfeited the opportunity to further walk with God.

From the beginning, the Lord equated blood with life, thus forbidding its consumption. So, physically speaking, it makes sense that those who left Jesus were repulsed by the thought of drinking His blood. But, if we read just a few more verses, we find that if they had only stuck it out, they would have been blessed with spiritual understanding. They would have found out that the life/blood Jesus was offering them is His eternal spiritual life, from which all can and should drink deeply. This good news of Jesus still applies to us to this day. Those of us who keep our focus on Jesus, especially through difficulties and misunderstandings, develop that life-sharing relationship with Him. Our life is eternally saved, being made children of the eternal living God.


He will redeem their life from oppression and violence; And precious shall be their blood in His sight. Psalm 72:14 NKJV