Here Below: The Parable of the Parable

The Parable of the Sower

The disciples ask Jesus “Why do you speak in parables?” While the illustrations in parables can help give us great understanding of the kingdom of heaven from here below, some of the symbolism within parables can be difficult to understand. So, the question Jesus’ disciples ask is valid.

Jesus answers them by reminding them that the secrets of the kingdom have been given to them, and to those who have, more will be given. He then explains the symbolism, thereby giving them “the more”.

The disciples are the soil which yields itself to be open. They are constantly asking Jesus for His understanding—they thirst for it. Because of their heart for Jesus who is the Truth (John 14:6), they are given all the more.

Those who are the hardened soil cannot yield to the plow and are therefore unable to be open to the smallest seed Jesus wants so dearly to plant in them. So, even the understanding they were given is taken away, leaving them with less knowledge of the Truth than before they met Him.

When we find scripture difficult to understand, do we walk away from the Word or do we press into Jesus, seeking after His blessing of understanding? As disciples of Jesus, let’s crave His understanding, yielding our pride, and opening ourselves to anything and everything He wants to pour into us. Let’s be the seekers, the question askers, the thirsty, the receivers of “the more”.

My mouth will speak words of wisdom;
   the meditation of my heart will give you understanding.
-Psalm 49:3 (NIV)