Homes of Influence: Job - Steadfast

The Book of Job

Job remained steadfast in faith despite what was happening to him. Can you imagine loosing everything, your job, your possessions, and your family? Some of us may very well be facing that very thing right now. It is a hard thing to keep ones faith in God when nothing is going right. We can ask why would God allow it and turn our backs on Him. Job’s wife may have very well started down that road telling Job to curse God and die. But Job remained steadfast in his faith and we need to do the same.

Now it would appear that Job was straying close to the line and God stepped in to make sure Job didn’t sin. God reminded Job and all his “friends” who He really is. Job humbled himself before God when God spoke to him. His friends had placed themselves in God’s position. They had puffed themselves thinking they knew what God intended and thought they were speaking for Him. They found themselves instead of having to do the very thing they had been telling Job to do, repent. Humility before God is crucial to moving closer to Him.

Job obeyed God by praying for his “friends”. This is one of those things many of us find difficult. But our faith in God combined with humility before God will result in righteous actions which includes praying for those who have opposed us, interceding for them before God. When we remain steadfast but humble in faith and become intercessors we will become homes of influence.