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Genesis 2:15

We are meant to be good stewards of the earth – land, waters, air, creatures and plants. Mankind are extremely different from all other creation. We’re the only creation God formed with His own hands. We’re the only creature with God’s own breath in our lungs. Every other creature can solve only the most basic of problems; hunger, thirst, and shelter. But we can solve complex issues from space travel to medicine. This huge difference confirms the historicity of the Biblical account of creation and, therefore, God’s plan and purpose for all of it.

The signs of neglecting God’s plan for us as caretakers have scarred the earth from day one and are obvious to us. For example, no one can deny our rivers are polluted as a direct result of our negligence. But knowing this is useless if we don’t repent – literally turn ourselves in the opposite direction – and restore that which is lost.

Less obvious, are the signs of deteriorating souls. We have neighbors who are severed from God’s salvation from the consequences of sin. And we’re contributing to the deterioration by neglecting God’s directive to tend our own little “garden”, or part of the city. And it’s not an issue of ignorance for people of God. The real issue is neglect, due mostly to our own apathy. Of course, it’s obvious that we need to be better stewards of the earth, taking deliberate restoration steps on a continual daily basis. And, as Christians, it should also be obvious that we must be deliberate and intentional if we’re ever going to repent and walk obediently in our stewardship role of restoring the eternal living souls God has placed around us.

What’s your plan for saving the world?

Jesus Sends His Followers to Preach
He said to them, “You are to go to all the world and preach the Good News to every person. He who puts his trust in Me and is baptized will be saved from the punishment of sin. But he who does not put his trust in Me is guilty and will be punished forever”.
Mark 16:15-16 (NLV)