Hot Topics: Abortion - WWJD?

1 Peter 3:8

As we’re openly discussing hot topics this series, I can’t think of one hotter than abortion. The stand U. S. citizens take is beyond solid. Our position has driven us to the point of becoming intolerant and inconsiderate of any other viewpoint. As we’ve arrived at the table for discussion, we ought to listen more than we speak. After all, we already know what we know about abortion, it’s time to discover what else there is to know.

At the root of our staunch position is fear. On the pro-abortion side, what we fear is vulnerability, and loss of control. For one thing, having a child will completely ruin our life as we know it. Even on the anti-abortion side, if we have children, we are in agreement that having a child ruined our life as we knew it. But it was also the beginning of a completely new and better life. What we fear is living in a society in which it’s acceptable to have a lack of concern for the “little guy” – the weak and the vulnerable. And we’re just getting started in showing both sides of the issue.

What we have in common is disdain for living in a divisive country. We’re no longer considered the “United” States. We’ve become the modern day Hatfields and McCoys, and none of us citizens is living in peace. The problem is that we’ve put our faith in Washington to settle our disputes and, ironically, there’s no place more divisive than Washington. Just watching political ads, you’ve seen every politician say “You have to hate the other side if you love me” (paraphrasing).

Jesus has a message for us today. Jesus says “If you love me, you have to love everybody”. At Flatland Church, we embrace Jesus’ message of love. We’re encouraged to love everyone right where they are – just like Jesus loves us right where we are. The good news is that even though we’re imperfect and we still fail to love perfectly, Jesus loves us too much to leave us where we are. He’s always there to pick us up, dust us off and empower us to love better every time we ask for His help. Only when we love our neighbors with unconditional love will the love and peace of Jesus shine for all to see.


If you love me, keep my commands John 14:15 NIV