I Am: John 13 - Love

Today’s Reading: John 13

One of the most powerful narratives regarding Jesus comes in John 13. John writes, ‘Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.’ Then John describes Jesus kneeling down and washing the feet of his disciples. The great I AM, creator of the universe, Lord of all takes on the most humble of all duties of his time. Jesus said, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” He has commanded his followers to love each other, this is a real example of what he means. It isn’t an emotional feeling, it is a life of service in love for others.

What hits me real hard, Jesus washes Judas Iscariot’s feet and Peter’s feet, the betrayer and the denier. Jesus loved them all. There he was, in emotional turmoil and pain (see John 12:27 and 13:21). He knew what they were going to do and their role in that pain but he still humbles himself before them, loving them to the end.

We are to do the same. There are people we really don’t like, don’t trust, don’t want to get any where near. But Jesus calls us to love them, to serve them, to take on his humility and do that which we really don’t want to do. The call is to us all. Ask the Lord to lay upon your heart what you can do, how you may serve, who’s feet you need to wash?