Mind Control: The Insecure Mind

There is nothing scarier than confessing your faults and sins to others. Yet the Bible says to “confess your sins to each other” (James 5:16). Why? Because bottling those sins, our faults, our insecurities up inside us can only lead to sickness; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is like leaving a wound which is pussy alone. That puss is an indication of infection. Infection grows, it kills off tissue and becomes gangrene and if not treated, leads to death. We can’t ignore our deep down buried sins. We also can’t ignore those surface sins, sins we toss off as no big deal. Confession leads to healing, confession leads to life.

The challenge we have this week is to follow the spiritual discipline of confession. We are called to go to another and confess that which would keep us from moving to the center, to have a stronger and more intimate relationship with God. It won’t be easy. But we should go to one that we believe has a great relationship with God–a trusted friend, someone in from our life groups or one of the elders in our church–and unburdening ourselves that we might live.