Sins We Ignore: Not Perfect

We often struggle between feeling like horrible sinners and thinking we are perfect saints. It all depends on how we feel and what we have been doing. But Paul says, “Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves measuring yourself by the faith God has given us”¹. We don’t measure ourselves by rulers and tape measures that the world hands us. We measure ourselves by the faith God has lavishly poured out on and into us. When we really think deeply about being saved by faith, we cannot overlook the fact we are saints. There is no longer room for insecurity. No matter what you were thinking a moment ago, the second you see yourself as a saint, watch insecurity run.

So, you’re not perfect. Welcome to Earth…join the rest of us. That can be a reason to sink into insecurity or we can come to an understanding of who Jesus loves and who Jesus uses to make into phenomenal achievers. Jesus chose fishermen, the otherwise uneducated. He chose the nastiest of sinners of the time, a tax collector. He even chose a terrorist, Paul. These Apostles completely changed the world. And we reap incredible benefits, even thousands of years later, because of the work Jesus equipped them for. Jesus has chosen us too! He has equipped us too, sending us his Holy Spirit who empowers us.

We are sinners but we are also saints through faith. We can try to hide our sins and pretend to be perfect saints or realize that we are not perfect saints but God measures us not by our perfection but by the perfection that we are given through Jesus. The faith we have in Christ makes us holy.² The faith we have in Christ then also compels us to go into the world and speak the good news³, Christ has come to save us.⁴

¹ Romans 12:3 (NLT)
² Romans 6:22
³ Acts 5:42 is an example of faith in action.
⁴ John 3:16