The Veil: Behind the Veil

Hebrews 9

We need what’s behind the Veil. So, let’s take a peek at what it is that’s behind this veil in the Most Holy Place of the Temple. Once behind the veil, we see the ark with the atonement cover. This cover, or mercy seat, as it is also called, is where God manifests His presence and continues to meet with man by way of a single high priest, once a year. As we look Inside the ark, we see the three things contained therein; A portion of manna which God miraculously preserves, Aaron’s staff which had miraculously budded and produced almonds, and the 10 commandments miraculously written by the finger of God.

The manna represents God’s provision (our daily bread). The budding staff represents God’s personal selection for high priest and illustrates life after death. The 10 commandments represent God’s law, mercifully and lovingly providing essential direction to wandering lost people. And the atonement cover represents God’s grace, providing a way for sinful man to come to God.

Like a shadow represents an object while not being the actual object itself, the ark and its contents were just a shadow of Jesus. Jesus is the true fulfillment of God’s provision (bread of life). Jesus is the true fulfillment of God’s perfect High Priest. Jesus is the only fulfillment of God’s law – no one ever perfectly met the requirements of the entire law before Jesus, and no one has ever done so since. And, in Jesus, is the ultimate fulfillment of God’s mercy, taking our sins perfectly and completely upon Himself. Jesus is the unlimited supply of everything we need in this life and in the next.

Now that you’ve been invited to look behind the veil, read Hebrews 9 for context and personally meet with God today as you reflect on His perfect provision for you. Can you see that He truly and deeply loves you individually and personally?