The Veil: Prerquisite

Exodus 26:31-33

In education, lessons or courses often have a prerequisite. This is the prior knowledge, a previous lesson or a required course one needs in order to be ready for the new lesson or course. For children, lessons on letters, sounds, and decoding skills are needed before approaching reading. Without this tool in hand, reading can be overwhelming, frightening, even impossible. The child develops a relationship with words, in order to be able to put them together in the process of reading.

For college students, English Composition 101 is required before undertaking classes in a desired content area. Not only will writing skills be essential to a student’s success in further studies, they will be one of the keys to establishing success in a future profession.

In the Kingdom of God, Jesus is the prerequisite. For those who do not possess this credential, the veil is still up. It is the red flag on the registration, reading “Prerequisite not fulfilled, Access denied”. There are no shortcuts to God. Just as the registrar sends the student to the required classes, God sent us Jesus. Just as the teacher ensures that the child has a relationship with words in order to be prepared to read, God sent us Jesus. Approaching God no longer needs to be overwhelming, frightening, nor impossible. Through Jesus, we can come to the Father.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. -John 14:6


  1. What are some prerequisites you have needed to fulfill in your life? Did they better prepare you to reach the outcome?
  2. If the veil is still up between you and the Most Holy One, are you prepared to take the prerequisite: to get into a relationship with Jesus?