The Veil: That's True!

“I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” (John 14:6). Jesus doesn’t just speak the truth; He is the Truth. We can and must believe every word issued from His holy mouth. Therefore, when Jesus declares “It is finished”, referring to mankind’s salvation and restoration with God (John 19:30), we should have no doubt of it. The penalty of our sins has been dealt with perfectly, along with any remnant of guilt or shame associated with sin.

By no means, does this grace give us license to continue to sin. On the contrary, it gives us freedom from the bondage to sin. However, just living in a sinful world means we’re bound to get some of that “dirt” on us. That we fall into the world’s temptation, while still serious business, matters less to our Heavenly Father than what we do when we fall. Now that the veil is opened, do we approach God or avoid Him due to feelings of anxiety that we’re still somehow captive under the penalty of sin?

Going into God’s presence with thanksgiving gives us a right confidence to boldly approach Him because of the blood of Jesus. Therefore “let us go right (in a right manner) into the presence of God with sincere hearts fully trusting him” (Hebrews 10:22a – NLT). God wants us to approach Him daily and have our sins confessed to Him so he can wash us clean in His forgiveness. Confession of our sins and a pure heart of repentance puts our sin and guilt into the sea of God’s forgetfulness – they are no more. And that’s the truth.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
  he delivered me from all my fears…
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
  blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
-Psalm 34


  1. Since guilt of forgiven sins is not from God, where does that guilt come from? Or, perhaps, better put: Who wants to hold you slave to a life of guilt and remorse and who wants to set you free?
  2. To which voice do you typically listen?