Time Travel: In the Beginning

Imagine meeting a president. You would remember the questions you asked and answers given for the rest of your life. You would tell these things to your children and they would tell them to theirs. But what if you walked and talked with Eternal God? You would be absolutely committed to ensuring such discussions were conveyed to subsequent generations. Would/could God, Himself preserve these events as they were conveyed orally? Of course!

Tradition holds that Moses put Genesis into the written word. While Moses had 40 years to compile verbal teaching into writing, we have no way of verifying this. Regardless of who put pen to scroll, the book is consistent with everything we know of God.

God is Creator¹², without which nothing can come into existence. Science 101 tells us that nothing can come from nothing. Even the “big bang”, if that theory is to hold any water, must have been the result of pre-existing elements coming together for such an explosion to occur.

Science today tells us that DNA is literally a “digital code” which cells submit to when building a body. This is the same science which demands that only intelligence can write digital code. Therefore, since there is a Creator, He must care about that which He creates³.

If you ask your earthly father for directions to his home would he say “That’s something each person has to figure out for himself” or would your father reveal Himself? Logic dictates that if someone cares, they would provide direction. The Bible does just that. Genesis not only gives us the story of Creation and the (natural) fall of man, but the promise of a savior (literally fulfilled in Jesus). It not only fits with the Bible, but is fundamentally necessary in God’s loving, caring introduction of Himself.

‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.’ -Romans 1:20

¹ Genesis 1:1
² John 1:1
³ 1 Peter 5:7