Time Travel: Welcome!

At 6:30 A.M. on Monday 8-19-19, Diana was awakened by a gentle hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes in awe as she realized EVERYTHING was different; everything was clear; her body no longer was bound by Huntington’s Disease! Instantly she realizes the hand on her shoulder belongs to the one she has waited her entire life to see; Jesus looked into her eyes and laughing joyfully said, “Diana, WELL DONE! You have been so faithful! Come with me and let me show you everything I’ve prepared for you!”¹ She took his hand, and in the distance she heard the cheering and excited voices of scores of loved one’s; Her mom & Daddy, JoAnn, Luanna, Dad and Mom Leichliter, and dozens more people who she knew were waiting for her because they had put their faith in Christ long ago! Behind them were thousands upon thousands of angels, more beautiful than she could imagine, all cheering and beaconing her! JOY. LAUGHTER. DELIGHT. And look…… the Throne of the Father!

At 6:30 A.M. on Monday 8-19-19 someone else also awoke in a start. A horrible sense of dread and fear gripped him as he desperately looked about the room, trying to understand what was happening. Off in the distance, he saw Jesus walking away with Diana, and the Heavenly host cheering, and he shouted, “JESUS, WAIT FOR ME! WAIT FOR ME!”….. Jesus looked back over His shoulder and said sadly, “Depart from me; I never knew you…….”.¹ Suddenly, cold hands grip his arms and legs and begin to drag him backwards, AWAY from the joy, the laughter, the delight, towards utter darkness where he could hear wailing and crying. Separation from Christ for eternity, entering into a place that was not even prepared for him, but for those fallen angels who rebelled against God, but because he rejected Christ during his life, he would be entering this horrible place too……

EVERY…..SINGLE…..ONE of us will have ONE of these two experiences. NONE of us gets out of this thing alive. WHICH experience will you have?

Courtesy of Phil Leichliter

¹ See Matthew 25:14-30