Transcendent: Eyes On

Mark 6:45-52

The disciples were out in the lake, fighting a storm, rowing as hard as they could, and in trouble. They had been trying to get across the lake all night. Jesus could see them a long way off. He walks out to them on the water. It was amazing, transcendent. He knew they were in trouble, he knew he could help. He knows when we are in trouble.

Jesus didn’t just calm the storm, instead he walks out near them and is passing by them. They had to cry out to him to be saved. He then gets in the boat and calms the storm. When we are in trouble, when we are in pain, when all hope is lost, we need to turn our eyes on Jesus and cry out. When everything is going great we need to keep our eyes on him too because we never know when a storm will whip up around us. Jesus can see us no matter where we are. He is always near us, especially when we need him. We need just to cry out and he will transcend our situation.

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry. -Psalm 34:15


  1. What things distract us, keeping our eyes off Jesus? Why is it when we are in trouble we all too often look everywhere but to Jesus?
  2. Read the passage in Mark 6:45-52. What stands out to you? How many ways is Jesus transcendent?