Transcendent - God is God

Mark 5:1-17

Are demons real? Have they any real power? We find an interesting answer in Daniel. Note that the Prophet Daniel is given many visions of the promised Messiah concerning both His first and second comings. On one occasion, although Daniel humbly seeks the Lord for understanding, the interpretation is delayed a full 21 days. The (Angel) messenger sent by God explains he was held back those 21 days by the spirit prince of Persia, but eventually received assistance from Michael, one of the Archangels (Daniel 10:12-14 NLT).

Dark spirits are indeed real and extremely powerful. Here in Mark 5, we’re reminded of that reality in the demon possession of a man. The strength this man displays in breaking chains transcends human accomplishment. There could be no way for us to break heavy chains, our bones would give way first. Yet these chains were like crepe paper standing between demons and their agenda.

Enter Jesus, who confronts not one but a legion of demons and all their combined power. Immediate fear overcomes them as they begin to beg Jesus not to torture them. Additionally, for some reason, they don’t want to be sent out of the area (v10), and beg Jesus to be allowed to possess a local herd of swine. Although definitely real and supernaturally powerful, even the demons submit to the authority of Jesus. This is why, in the presence of our Lord, they must seek His permission to get up off their knees to make a single move. The power and authority of our Lord transcends all other powers and principalities combined. Our God is God.


  1. Have you ever thought of demonic beings as inert? How do this man’s circumstances answer any questions regarding the issue?
  2. What circumstances have had or currently have a grip over you? From a “simple” habit to addiction or even apathy, many things can overpower and actually bind us, keeping us from moving to the center of God’s Kingdom. How would these forces respond when exposed and given over to the transcendent power of Jesus? How must they?