Transcendent: I AM

Mark 6:45-52

Jesus is our Lord, of course. But He is also our King, and Majesty, having dominion over all His creation. Here in Mark’s account, we find the natural human drama of disciples enduring struggle. The wind and the dangerous waves that such winds naturally stir up were against them. Note the fear in the disciples when they get their first glimpse of Jesus out taking a calm casual stroll on the water. Some speculate that their fear may be rooted in some local mariner superstition that this, as yet unidentified figure, was a manifestation of the demon which summoned up the storm in the first place.

We know that Jesus could have calmed the storm from His place on the shore. Yet, He comes personally to be with his followers right where they are, just as He came to earth to be with us personally–not apart from–but in the midst of our distress. It’s recorded here in Mark that it was assumed He would pass right on by. I doubt this was truly Jesus’ intent on the basis of His coming so close in the first place. Revelation 3:20 informs us that Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Not that He barges in, but is watching for an invitation from us, once He makes His arrival known.

And He makes His arrival known in familiar, loving and unmistakable terms. With His own voice (John 10:4) He is identifying Himself as their Lord and God (Mark 6:50 YLT cf. Exodus 3:14). There is power in speaking the very Royal “I AM” name that commands nature to obey and causes the strongest military soldiers to fall to the ground (John 18:4-6 YLT). The good news is that the transcendent power in this same Royal name brings safety, peace and comfort upon all of us who welcome, know, love and have faith in the Lord.


  1. Jesus sees (watches) the disciples in their distress, yet arrives on scene shortly before dawn after a long nights’ struggle. What plight are you ever in that goes unwatched by the Lord? Why do you suppose He intervenes on His schedule and not on ours?
  2. Are you worried that a current distress has carried on too long? Can worry be reconciled with sincere faith in your loving King?