Transcendent: No Room

Mark 15:1-16:7

“I have no room.” This statement, more than any other, summarizes the message Jesus receives from us. Jesus was born into the tiny town of Bethlehem, which to this day, is remembered for this phrase. He was evicted from Bethlehem by a king who would have no room in “his” kingdom – even for its rightful ruler. Jesus is sent to minister to a great and beloved nation who have no room in their minds, hearts or lifestyles for Him. Like a prisoner on death row, the world rejects the Wonderful Counselor who would successfully petition the Judge to release them from the penalty of their sins.

Therefore, Jesus is arrested as the “bad guy”. He’s then tried, convicted and executed – end of story. Or so the world would have believed. But, on the third day, when Jesus walks out of death back into life and begins preaching again, the world is forced to face its absolute inability to eliminate Him. And that’s only the beginning. Because, when Jesus eventually does leave the world and return to the Father, His Holy Spirit comes to dwell within His followers. If the world thought one messenger of God was hard to deal with, the exponential multiplication of messengers now becomes one hot mess for those who have no room for their King. Jesus is alive! And I would rather die telling the truth than live on death row for denying it.


  1. How do you deny the absolute truth of Jesus? Under what worldly circumstances are you currently tempted to minimize or even completely avoid testifying on His behalf?
  2. Like a vessel, our lives are always full. If we pour some out, how much room does that leave for Jesus? How much would you have to get rid of in order to become completely full of Jesus? In what ways do you recognize yourself saying to Jesus “I have no room”?