We believe that Jesus has called his followers to practice radical generosity. Throughout Scripture we see God’s incredible abundance from creation to his provision in an arid wilderness. Not only that, the Biblical narrative concludes with a great feast. God promises the Israelites that they will live in a land flowing with milk and honey, meaning that even the luxuries will be provided for out of the overflow of God’s good gift. It doesn’t stop there, in God’s radical generosity, he sent his only Son to suffer and die on our behalf.

Give Online

While you are more than welcome to give in person at any of in-person locations, we also offer simple and secure online giving through our giving partner, Planning Center. You can give a one-time gift or setup recurring donations.

Financial Resources

It can be difficult to practice generosity when you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or worse, barely scraping by. We don’t want anyone to experience bondage to debt, which is why we offer Financial Peace University, a 9-week class designed to give you the tools and education to get debt free, develop an emergency fund, and start to save up for the future. We offer FPU at various times throughout the year.

The Move

Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, God asks his people to put aside ten percent of what they bring in from their labor, and offer it up to the temple to care for the needs of the pastors and priests. In addition, God asked his people to set aside another ten percent every year so they could afford to go to each of the liturgical feasts associated with the worship of God. Finally, every three years they were to set aside ten percent for the care of the poor, needy, widows, orphans, and immigrants. All-in-all, the Israelite people were expected to set aside anywhere between 23-30% of their resources a year in obedience to God.

As Christians, it is common to observe just the first tithe, a way of demonstrating our obedience to God by caring for those who minister to our spiritual needs. But just because we offer God 10% off the top, doesn’t mean that we’ve practiced radical generosity. Jesus even rebukes faithful followers of God who follow all the tithing instructions to the letter, but forget to practice justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

During Paul’s time in ministry, the church in Jerusalem underwent a serious famine that left many believers hungry and potentially affected their employment. Paul reached out to the many churches throughout the Mediterranean that he had helped found and begged them to help their needy brothers and sisters in Jerusalem. The gift seems to have been a success, not only did it instill a heart of generosity among the Gentile churches, but it developed a bond between two incredibly diverse people groups.

In a similar way, God calls each of us to a form of radical generosity above and beyond the normal function of the tithe. At Flatland, we offer a way to mobilize radical generosity through The Move. The Move is our way of financing global missions, future leadership development, as well as local community outreach.