Hot Topics: Education - Yes, You

1 Timothy 1:2

Some of us started to tune out Sunday when the topic of education came up. Not because we think education is unimportant but because we don’t have children in the home. It may be important to those who have children in the public schools but for the rest of us, “what does it matter?”

We all have the opportunity and calling to be educated and to educate. The apostle Paul didn’t have physical children but he did have children, Timothy and Titus were two. They were his spiritual children, men in whom he poured his life, training them in the way of God. He taught, mentored, and coached them. We see just a glimpse of this in his letters to them. It is an example of what we are suppose to do, first with our own earthly families and then with our spiritual families. We are to train them in the way to go.

We have many opportunities to educate and to be educated at Flatland; the NextStep class, the Omaha School of Ministry,. Life Groups, mentoring, coaching, youth and children ministries are a gaggle of ways we can get involved. We guide and are guided in the life of Christ, just as Timothy was the spiritual son of Paul yet Timothy was also called to minister to others, even in his youth. Let us learn to have strong lights and then let that light shine out that others may become strong in Christ as well. Let’s move.