Homes of Influence

Building a home of influence is never easy.

Spiritual Disciplines

Many times we think that the goal of spiritual disciplines is to make God happy with us, and perhaps, reap a better reward. Many times, we think that the role of spiritual disciplines is to make our souls feel warm and fuzzy. But ultimately, spiritual discplines are surgical ways of forming our desires and patterns to conform to Jesus.

We exist in a world of rituals and practices that can erode our faith and obedience to Jesus. Throughout Scripture, we see the faithful of God engaging in “counter-liturgies” which challenge the cultural assumptions of their days. What’s crazy is how little has changed over 2500 years of human history. We still practice patterns of over-consumption, hurriedness, and self-reliance which are antithetical to the way of the generous God whom we serve.

Throughout the course of this series we want to introduce six practices with a clear rubric on how to practice them as a way to form your life and the life of your home in patterns that reflect the way of Jesus.

Each week’s discipline is accompanied by a discussion of the practice, preparations required for practicing it, additional recommendations to make the time extra special, and finally there are one-to-two optional book recommendations that are useful if you wish to dig into the practice deeper for the future.